William Abernathy

Writing, editing, and communication

Technical Writing

Engaging a technical writer is not easy: you have to assess the writer's ability to understand and explain a complex technology that may not yet exist. A good technical writer is a good researcher, a good interviewer, a quick study, and most of all, a clear writer. Too often, we fixate on a writer's acquaintance with a certain technology or set of technologies, rather than learning the writer's ability to grasp and explain new ones.

I'm not an engineer with passing grammar skills. I'm a writer. I scramble over difficult technologies, ask the right questions, and turn in professional documentation: accurate, clear, and on time. Whether it's end-user documentation, such as manuals and installation guides, or internal documentation, such as functional specifications or requirements, I grapple with daunting technologies, learn them quickly, and explain them at a level that's right for your readership.


"William repeatedly demonstrated his value to the department with his excellent writing skills and an ability to quickly move among diverse assignments that involved highly technical subject matter...I would recommend William to handle any type of tech writing task."

—Jon White, Synopsys