William Abernathy

Writing, editing, and communication


I worked for most of the 1990s as a freelance features writer and columnist, doing lifestyle, beat, and investigative reporting. The grind of a decade of freelance writing left me with discipline and a respect for facts and deadlines that informs all my writing to this day. And as the world of print crashes and burns around us, I am, to my own surprise, getting back to the game. When I was younger, I thought success would only arrive through brute ambition coupled with skillful pandering. The years have taught me that I should simply follow my own curiosity, bring back good stories, and leave the rest to sort itself out. If you're here because I've pitched you, know that whatever I've brought you, I pitched because it's of interest to me.


  • Oregon Business
  • The Washington Post (stringer)
  • The Celebrator Beer News (columnist)
  • Bikini
  • The Nose

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